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Our award-winning viral short film 'Keep Breathing' amassed over 2 million views across TikTok and YouTube. At the request of many educators across the globe, we have come together to create a lesson plan bundle to accompany the film in exploring the nuances around sexual consent and harassment in line with the UK statutory curriculum (Key Stage 2 & 3). The current package consists of 6 session plans with presentations, activities, and teacher & parental guidance.

Upon receiving such incredible feedback from settings using our resources, we have been researching the advantages of using cinematic film & TV drama to aid the delivery of the more complex topic areas within Relationships & Sex Education. Innovate UK is supporting us to develop new film content and resources over 2024 which will be made available by the end of the year.

We are passionate about collaboration and seek to establish meaningful partnerships along the way, so please reach out if you're an organisation interested in potentially working together.

Let's Keep Teaching Consent

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Keep Breathing

‘Keep Breathing’ is a short film that explores the nuances and grey areas around sexual consent as two characters remember a night they spent together very differently. This is a key resource for two of our lessons in the Elevator Package, and features alongside many carefully designed activities and worksheets that help learners to question the characters’ choices, as well as their own judgments and opinions. The film was made in partnership with Women’s Work Derbyshire.

A censored Classroom Edition is now available.

About Us

We have extensive experience in the field of Relationships and Sex Education and have provided training for teaching staff for over 18 years. It became clear that there is a huge demand for affordable and easy-to-follow lesson plans and resources, so we are proud to now deliver quality materials and provide staff with the confidence to approach these sensitive topics.

We are passionate about helping young people to delve further into the greyer areas and nuances within relationships, which are becoming more and more prevalent to everyday life. And with film being such a useful medium, our activities link to sketches, scripts and scenes with a particular focus on the award-winning short film ‘Keep Breathing’, with more filmed resources to come.


This resource is fabulous. We have used it with key stage 5 to prompt debate and discussion. It is meaningful and helpful and it facilitates third-person focus whilst pupils sort their thinking around consent, communication, etc.! The elements on choreographing the sex scenes that are included have led nicely into more mature discussions about pornography, too.

Viv Lamb, Secondary School Teacher

I'm so happy with your resources as they have opened our students’ eyes to consent completely. The lightbulb moments that we saw were amazing. The students simply associated consent with an act of rape prior to us using the resource, but now they understand that body language plays a huge part in situations that they believe are consensual, realising that they are not just listening for the word "no"!

Our students are not the easiest to teach having been permanently excluded, or at risk of, and they require a lot of PSHE to help them get on and remain on the right track. They believe that they know best and your resources have given them the opportunity to question their opinions and to not conform to peer pressure. 100% recommendation!

Mandy Gamon, West Sussex Alternative Provision College

Meet the Team

Rebecca Jennings

I have worked in the field of Relationships and Sex Education for over 19 years...yikes! My career is full of surprises and every day is different which I love! From dressing up as a life-sized condom to speaking live on Jeremy Vine, Radio 2, I can honestly say the life of a sex educator is never dull!

I absolutely love working with young people and I love listening to their experiences and also to understand the challenges they are facing in the 21st Century. My regular work with children and young people helps to shape the lessons I create and this ensures factual information is available to schools but also in a way that is relevant to young people right now!

I am passionate about ensuring staff feel comfortable in delivering what is often a sensitive topic (for many reasons) and this is why these resources have a focus on staff training to support and guide educators into the resources ahead of pupil delivery.

I just love what I do and I am so thrilled to be working in partnership with Emmeline to begin to grow something extremely powerful!

At home I have a very patient husband, two beautiful children and a cat who never knows when to stop eating!! As a parent I want more than anything for my children to grow up with the confidence and the awareness of having important conversations around keeping safe and permission seeking and ultimately RESPECT! To find out more about my work through RAISE and my recent work with the Department for Education and the NSPCC follow this link to my website: www.raiseeducation.org.uk

It was actually the Department for Education who set us on the partnership path for the KT Consent project. Together, our aim is to educate as many young people as possible about the nuances and the grey areas of consent and respect, and equip them with tools that enable them to talk openly and confidently about these topics.

Emmeline Hartley

Hallo! I'm a Midlands-based actor & filmmaker, having now produced numerous short films including the award-winning KEEP BREATHING featured on our home page. I came up with the idea for it in the height of the #metoo movement when I realised the stories in the media were not representative of my own experiences, which felt invalidating. I proceeded to carry out extensive research that included surveying over 500 people (endorsed by The Survivors Trust), and this confirmed that many other people's experiences mirrored my own.

The experiences I'm talking about are those that land in a 'grey area', for example where coercion or emotional manipulation comes into play, making them less likely to be identified as non-consensual and less likely to be reported. If they are reported, they're less likely to be escalated due to the lack of evidence or injury. More nuanced experiences like this often provoke victim-blaming, which made me further explore society's expectation of victims. When people watch Keep Breathing, they often ask me why my character made jokes with the perpetrator if he hurt her, or ask why she didn't physically push him off. These questions are rooted in harmful victim stereotypes and I hope to do more work to eradicate them in future. This is just the beginning!

ANYWAY. So yes. I am an artist and like to address real-life experiences and bahaviours in my work. I also have a keen interest in telling working class, neurodivergent and female-centric stories, as well as enhancing opportunities and amplifying voices within those demographics. I'm a busy woman, but my commitment to KT Consent and providing helpful, quality tools for RSHE is of the utmost importance to me. I can't wait to start filming more content for our Elevator Package!